2009 - 2010 ENT prelims interclge prize exam

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2009 - 2010 ENT prelims interclge prize exam

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 25 2010, 20:20

all are multiple choice questions .. am here posy=tiong the questions i remember and the correct answer alone

1) wat is ackerman tumor ..
ans: its a type of squamous cell carcinoma
2) the absolute contraindication for tonsillectomy
ans: bleeding disorder
3) what wil be the lesion if facial nerve is damaged at STYLOMASTOID FORAMEN
ans: loss of corneal reflux - reason - for corneal reflux closure of eyelid muscle orbicularis occuli is supplied by facial nerve
4)what is the surgical procedure for zenkers diverticulum
ans: dohlman procedure
5) wht are the features of acalasia cardia
ans : dysphagia for liquids
6)which of the following theory is not a theory for origin of cholesteatoma?
FOUR theories were given . the ANS is bernouli theory which is not related to origin of cholesteatoma
7)which of the following is not a feature of superior orbital fissure syndrome?
ans: involvement of optic nerve
Cool which of the following is not a feature of septal hematoma?
four options were given the ANS is UNILATERAL NASAL OBSTRUCTION.
9)of the following speech discrimnstion score ll be bettr in ?
ANS : cochlear deafness
10)in infants eustachian pharyngeal end of eustachian tube & tympanum r ?
ANS: in the same plane .. ( don confuse other two options were 10 mm above tympanum & 10mm below tympanum)
11)the most common sinusitis in children ?
ans: ethmoid .. ( its not maxillay!! )
12) in cochlear implant surgery electrodes are inserted into?
ans: scala tympani ( its not media)

ll post the rest when i remember .. POOR MEMORY

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