ergonomics !!!!!!

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ergonomics !!!!!!

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 05 2010, 03:11

defnition ..

its the study of humans at work in order to understand the complex relationship bt the people , machines , job demands and the work machines in order to minimise the task demands and the human cpacities in activities of work and daily living .

types :
1) cognitive or engineering psychology - info abt work requirement eg., displays control software
2) anthropometric measurements and statistical charactrs of body size in context to the working place and dimensions eg., design of furniture machines
3) work physiology response of cvs rs and sketal systems to metabolic demands of work
$) biomechanics concerned with the transfer of forces thru the musculoskeletal system and the deformation of tissues eg., concussion of worker head prevented thru safety engineering tech ,, ,..


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