ent quiz fa yo guys....

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ent quiz fa yo guys....

Post by suren on Tue Jan 19 2010, 01:56

hey guys try this quiz.....answers wil b put later..

1)tympanoplasty is an operation aimed at: a)correction of hearing in porceptive deafness
b)eradication of infection & correction of hearing
c)drainage of mastoid abcess
d)correction of hearing in otosclerosis

2)surgical emphysema after trachestomy is corrected by:
a)taking more stitches of the wound
b)cold compresses
c)widening of the wound by removal of some stitches
d)antihistaminic intake

3)commonest cause of septal perforation is: a)trauma
d)blood disease

4)stapedectomy is the operation of choice for:
b)bell's palsy
c)meniere's disease

5)saddle nose may be due to the following except: a)overresection of septal cartilage
b)nasal trauma
c)septal abcess

6)the best treatment of mild epistaxis from little s area is: a)anterior nasal pack
b)cautery of the bleeding point
c)posterior nasal pack
d)blood transfusion

7)referred otalgia may be due to the following except:
a)acute suppurative otitis media
c)dental infection
d)maxillary sinusitis

8)a 3 years old boy complained of suuden acute respiratory distress, with spasmodic cough, cyanosis & acting accessory respiratory muscles is most probably due to : a)acute follicular tonsillitis
b)foreign body inhalation
c)adenoid hypertrophy
d)vocal cord nodule

9)proptosis may be due to the following except:
b)osteomata of the frontoethmoid
c)antrochoanal polyp
d)nasopharyngeal fibroma

10)the most serious complication after tonsillectomy:
a)respiratory obstruction
b)reactionary haemorrhage
c)incomplete removal


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