ophthal medal clinicals

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ophthal medal clinicals

Post by Revathy on Tue Jan 19 2010, 22:09

Cases given were usual. Immature cataract left eye and pseudophakia.
Short case: Pterygium both eyes
Questions asked to me both in case discussion and viva as far i remember,
mechanism of action of newer anti glaucoma drugs? What is the role of nmda blockers and calcium channel blockers in glaucoma?
What is the type of cell death in glaucoma?
Expand NMDA
Hiv manifestations in eye?
Contraindication for thiotepa.?
Advantages of phaco over sics?
How does a conjunctival graft prevent recurrence in pterygium?
How will you differentiate onchocerciasis from other limbal nodules? what is the treatment?
wat is kelman mcpherson forceps?
causes for tubular vision?
Why there occurs ring scotoma in retinitis pigmentosa?
indications for keratoplasty.?
How will you differentiate phlycten and nodular episcleritis symptomwise?

Instrument kept:
Enucleation spoon


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Re: ophthal medal clinicals

Post by abilampy on Sat Jan 23 2010, 11:58

it could be nic of you if u can post answers also Wink


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