soakage pit.. . . . !

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soakage pit.. . . . !

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 02 2010, 18:48

Soakage pit

pits provide a hygienic method of disposal of waste SULLAGE. They are cheap and
easy. Ideal method of disposal of sullage in rural areas and small town.

A suitable soakage pit is about 2 metres deep, 1 metre wide and long enough to
with the household waste water. The average length is 2-3 metres. Fill one-third of
pit with coarse stones, preferably overburnt bricks of ¾ size. The middle portion
filled with small stones and pebbles, and the uppermost portion with sand. The soakage pit
may be covered with earth and grass.

The pit is covered by bamboo on all sides to prevent indrawing.

The sullage from house is made thru pass thru grease traps

The sullage then seeps thru the pit materials get depositd on the topand the
surfaces of the bricks and stones creating the VITAL /BIOLOGICAL layer -
biological degration occurs here.

Mechanical filtration is also provided by the pit.

Water waste seeps to the ground..

Soakage pits should not be constructed near a well. Otherwise, the water in the well may get contaminated.

Advantages :

A good method of
disposal of sullagr.

As the sullage is
disposed off in closed areas below ground chances of mosquito breeding due to
stagnation of sullage can be prevented.

happy reading!!

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Re: soakage pit.. . . . !

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